Collective circularity

The circular way to package, ship, deliver, and exchange.

Reusable stainless steel containers
for food, beverage, home goods, and personal-care products
Reusable glass containers
for bulk-foods, processed-foods, home goods, and personal care products
Reusable glass beverage bottles
replacing cartons, tetra-paks, and plastic bottles
reusable stainless steel containers for ecological take-out
replacing plastic bottles and single-use beverage boxes
Reusable stainless steel Go!-cups for restaurants, bars, and beverage vendors
Go!-line reusable plastic-free coffee cups
replacing single-use coffee cups
reusable stainless steel Go!-cups for restaurants, bars, and beverage vendors
reusable stainless-steel cups for restaurants, bars, and beverage vendors
EarthEx bamboo shipping boxes
replacing traditional, resource-intensive cardboard boxes
In-network reusable natural fiber bags
for grocers, retailers, and members
In-network reusable natural fiber bags
for our everyday bagging needs

Zero-Waste Packaging

EarthEx offers waste-free, ecological packaging, shipping and delivery through our member-based network.

Our rentable, reusable in-network containers are made of ecological materials: stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and mycelium.

We do not use plastics or fossil fuels in our products or operations. Everything we use is biodegradable or infinitely recyclable. 

We design for longevity and complete environmental sustainability.

We have packaging solutions for grocery, food and beverage take-out, retail, and e-commerce shipping.

Note: Images are conceptual representations, not final products

Packaging Product Materials

Stainless steel image

Stainless Steel




Shipping + Delivery

As humans, we trade, move, sell, and ship goods to one another. 

It’s what we do. 

EarthEx uses the latest in clean technology to facilitate local and regional trade that is waste-free and carbon-free. 

Our delivery fleet is 100% electric, running fully on renewable energy. Shipments are transported without generating any greenhouse gas carbon emissions.

We encourage our employees to walk, bike, or ride public transit to minimize their carbon footprint. We offset any carbon emissions we can’t avoid.


How it Works

1. Join Us

Join the EarthEx network as a business and/or individual

Members can use EarthEx's reusable containers at check-out and for in-network shipping and delivery
2. Shop + Sell

Shop and sell online through our participating e-commerce platforms

Shop, get take-out, or to-go at participating establishments
3. Send + Receive

Send and receive in-network purchases and sales 100% sustainably

Return your containers at a partner location, an EarthEx drop-off site, or schedule pick-up

For business

Partner, ship, and deliver ecologically

Are you an environmentally-minded business looking for ecological packaging, shipping, and delivery solutions?

We seek to partner with ecologically-minded businesses in e-commerce retail, grocery, food packaging, and take-out.

Leading business partners carry sustainable, environmentally-friendly products or offer circular, reuse and resale services. 

We encourage B-Corps and zero-waste-bound businesses focused on ecological, humane, and fair-trade retail to use EarthEx for their packaging and shipping needs.

Let’s exchange responsibly. EarthEx makes exchange easy and ecological.

Join us. Pledge your company’s EarthEx membership today. 

For home

Reduce, reuse, and exchange -simplified

Are you a conscious shopper looking to send and receive packages easily and ecologically?

Do you value the convenience of shopping and selling online but are ready to say no to plastic packaging and packaging waste?  

Do you want to more easily support local and regional businesses?

Are you tired of the challenge and confusion around recycling and recyclables? 

If so, EarthEx is the service for you.

We make exchange easy and ecological. Let’s exchange responsibly.

Join us. Pledge your personal EarthEx membership today. 

About Us


We are an international team on a mission to collectivize circularity globally by 2030

EarthEx builds commercial connectivity through a collective container reuse system that empowers people, businesses, and companies to exchange, package, ship, and deliver products ecologically and sustainably.



EarthEx envisions a world where people exchange goods easily and ecologically without generating landfill-bound waste or carbon emissions in the process.

Join the global circular reuse movement.

Support EarthEx today

Pledge + Join

We’re on a mission to eliminate packaging waste in communities across the U.S. and world.

Ready to be part of the solution?

For a USD$11 donation, pledge your future EarthEx membership today. 

Your pledge will show verifiable interest in our service and products, which is needed to pilot and launch. 

Please pledge your support from wherever in the world you may be, so we can bring our service to you.  


EarthEx is holding a company fundraiser Summer 2021. Donations will cover product development, equipment, and demonstrate verifiable interest in our 2022 EarthEx pilot and company launch.

Help us help you. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation today. 

If you wish to support in other ways, have skills to offer, or valuable introductions to make, please contact us

We are grateful for your support. 

We can only do this together.


Are you concerned about the time-sensitive environmental change we need? 

Are you an ecologically-minded investor looking to be a force for change?

Investment opportunities will be available for conscious investors Summer 2021.

If you are interested in becoming an investor, please contact us.