We run on reusables and renewables -for the ecos.

About EarthEx


We are on a mission to collectivize circularity globally.

EarthEx builds ecological commercial connectivity through a collective reusable container and packaging network that empowers people, businesses, and companies to exchange, package, ship, and deliver sustainably. 


EarthEx envisions a world where people exchange goods easily and ecologically without generating landfill-bound waste or carbon emissions in the process.


Access. To make meaningful and comprehensive environmental and environmental justice impact, EarthEx’s waste reduction initiative strives to be accessible, affordable, and simple for global community adoption.

Collectivism. We are stronger and better together. EarthEx supports solutions that help bring people together and plan for the greater good of the whole of humanity

Innovation. Radical results require radical innovation. The challenges society and the planet face require next-level innovation, creativity, and thoughtfulness to ensure lasting results.

Simplicity. The best systems are those that are clear and simple to use and adopt. We strive to develop products and systems that make life easy, enjoyable, and beautiful.

Sustainability. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our  business model. We design and implement long-lasting solutions that will endure the test of time and serve people and planet for generations to come.

Regeneration. Through our product lifecycle and business model and operations,  EarthEx  supports and facilitates societal and ecological regeneration by helping to bring people and planet to a state of harmonious and symbiotic existence.

Join Our Founding Team

We are an international team committed to tackling global environmental and social equity challenges by way of the EarthEx business model. In our unwavering commitment to environmental protection and social progress, we do not shy away from the scale of planning it will require to implement effective, equitable, and lasting solutions to put an end to our global waste woes and inequities. As EarthEx's reach and offerings expand, so will our team in our mission to centralize circularity. If you wish to participate and be a part of our founding team, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you. We can only do this together.

M. Paula Navia

EarthEx Brand + Innovation Strategist

M. Paula is a strategic designer using human-centered design, systems thinking principles, and business fundamentals to uncover insights that enable change.

She has collaborated with designers, entrepreneurs, social and environmental impact advocates, and scientists to develop strategies to amplify the impact of products, programs and communication efforts. Recently, M. Paula consulted with philanthropic foundations and other social impact organizations on innovation strategy.

As a design strategist, M. Paula partners with diverse design teams and stakeholders to transfer insights, inform decision making, and guide strategy.

With a design background, startup and consulting experience, and an MBA in Design Strategy, M. Paula’s work spans the spectrum of the innovation process. Her specialty lies in identifying emerging opportunities and bridging a deep understanding of people’s needs within products, organizations, and systems.

Evelyn Amara

EarthEx Founder

EarthEx Founder, Evelyn Amara (she/her) is an urbanism and business strategist specializing in zero-waste, circular economy, waste / materials management, innovation, and organizational strategy.

With over twelve years of experience working in sustainability, public health, progressive urban planning, and waste management, Evelyn brings to market innovative intersectional solutions in sustainability and materials management. Her work creates pathways for environmental and collective transformation by way of our lifestyles, business practices, and the built environment. Evelyn builds and leads strong teams- developing inspiring and collaborative relationships across diverse stakeholder groups. 

Evelyn Amara holds degrees in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of California Los Angeles, Architecture from Barnard College of Columbia University, and studied Sustainable Business Management at Presidio Graduate School in Seattle, WA.

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