Our business partners

EarthEx seeks ecologically-forward business partners looking for simple, clean, reliable, ecological packaging, shipping and delivery services that make a lasting impact.
Our reusable packaging products and ecological operations are at the cutting-edge of sustainability. Our products and practices make way for a just transition to carbon-free cities.
Our ideal partners and business members value, prioritize, and carry organic, sustainable, environmentally-friendly products and/or operate in the reuse and resale sectors.

the zero-waste, zero-emissions packaging, shipping and delivery network


Receive sanitized containers from EarthEx on a daily, weekly, or on-demand basis


Participating businesses have the option to host a drop-off collection site by offering a small space in your shop, restaurant, cafeteria, cafe, or office for network container returns. EarthEx provides everything you need and manages regular, ongoing pick-ups.


EarthEx drops off a new delivery of clean containers ready for re-circulation, repeating the reuse cycle.

How it works


Register online for your EarthEx Business Membership. You will work with an EarthEx account specialist to set up your account, uniquely tailored to your business packaging needs.



EarthEx picks-up used containers for sanitizing at our in-house washing and sanitizing facility. Facilities with approved on-site dishwashing will have the option to re-circulate containers. 

Make your transition to reusable containers and ecological packaging.

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Our ecological reusable packaging products and operations are at the cutting edge of enduring environmental sustainability

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Pledge your EarthEx membership today to be on the leading edge of sustainability and ecological packaging, shipping, and delivery solutions. 

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The more businesses join in the same area, the sooner we can coordinate and launch service in your location. 

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