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Transportation hubs and crafts are major sources of waste generation. At least 6.1 million tonnes (6.7 million US tons) of waste were generated onboard aircrafts in 2018. EarthEx partners with transportation hubs and transportation companies to replace disposables used in-transit and at major transportation centers. Partner with us to reduce your single-use waste today. Let’s go!


As companies resume in-person operations, it is an excellent time for for companies to implement zero-waste reuse systems to curb in-house single-use waste. EarthEx is ready to team with companies small and large to implement an office-wide and campus-wide reuse system. Join the EarthEx waitlist to transition your corporate campus to reusables and reduce waste. 


The average American college student generates 640 pounds of trash annually. With around 20 million students and approximately 5300 campuses across the U.S., there is a need -and opportunity- to introduce EarthEx’s line of reusable products for on-campus use. Register for the EarthEx waitlist to partner with us to curb campus single-use waste  -once and for all.


EarthEx creates collective circularity. When business districts comprised of restaurants, bakeries, tea and coffee shops, and local retailers come together to implement an EarthEx reuse system for their district, implementation is simplified and adoption amplified. Sign-up for the EarthEx waitlist so we can work with your business district to implement EarthEx reusables.


Food courts are the perfect locations to implement reuse systems. Typically diners enjoy their meals on-site after purchasing. EarthEx works with food court management services as well as each restaurant on-site to install and implement an on-site reuse system that will delight diners while making a noticeable environmental impact, reducing waste, and reducing costs for single-use wares. Join the EarthEx waitlist so we can bring and manage EarthEx reusables to your dining facility or food court.


Take-away and take-out services are becoming more popular and show no signs of slowing down. Over half of adults report take-away and food delivery are essential to the way they live. EarthEx’s reusable plastic-free containers are the most ecological and safe reusable packaging containers on the market for prepared foods. Join the EarthEx waitlist to learn how we can partner with your food establishment for reusable take-away and take-out.


There’s no denying prepared meal kit services are gaining use and popularity. With an expected growth for the next many years, meal kit services and reusable packaging and containers make the perfect match. EarthEx provides zero-waste reusable container solutions and zero-waste delivery for meal kit services ready to reduce their environmental impact and provide customers with low-impact, waste-free and emissions-free foods. 

Sign up for the EarthEx waitlist to learn how we can provide reusable meal kit packaging solutions for your food service.


Globally, over 16 billion disposable cups are used and landfilled each year. Lucky for us, the days of single-use cups is over. Tea and coffee shops can now provide customers with EarthEx reusables in lieu of disposables, curbing their shops’ waste contribution. Join the waitlist and pledge your shop’s EarthEx membership to support the EarthEx reuse movement today.


Food packaging is one of the biggest waste challenges of our time. Not only is packaging that produced from virgin or recycled materials resource and carbon-intensive, so is its collection, recycling, or frequent disposal in landfill. EarthEx provides food and beverage manufacturers with plastic-free, reusable packaging solutions. We work across the supply chain with manufacturers, distributors, and vendors to redesign and facilitate the transition to reusable packaging and vending. If you are interested in working with us, please join the waitlist.


Zero-waste grocery stores and refill shops are the future of ecological household shopping. EarthEx provides a reusable container network that makes ecological grocery shopping easy and efficient for both vendors and customers. Sign-up for the EarthEx waitlist to learn more about how EarthEx integrates with your ecological refill business model so your shop can streamline operations and maximize impact.


Hotels and short-term lodging businesses are ideal EarthEx partners. Hotels generate an average of 1.7 to 3.2 lbs. of waste per room and 1.2 to 2 lbs. of waste per meal served per day. EarthEx works closely with hotel staff to implement the EarthEx reusable container system and ensure a smooth user-experience. If your hotel, lodging facility, or short-term rental is interested in implementing EarthEx reusables, please register for the waitlist. 


EarthEx partners with ecological e-commerce retailers seeking sustainable packaging, shipping, and delivery solutions for their business. We seek partnership with companies offering reuse, refill, and retail rental services, as well as businesses selling ecological products or B-Corporations. EarthEx works with your business to  provide you and your in-network customers with a seamless experience using the EarthEx network, products, and platform.


The EarthEx network supports small and local business by provides ecological packaging and delivery solutions for local retailers. When small and local businesses join the EarthEx network, they reduce their carbon footprint, maximize their ecological impact, and help grow the reuse network, ultimately making it easier for all users to choose and use reusables. Learn how we can support your brick-and-mortar retail business today. 

Ecological reuse is here. Join us.

"EarthEx is the ecological and sustainable container reuse system serving a global market.
As a world-wide collective of ecologically-conscious members,
together we build a high-impact transnational network of reusables.
With EarthEx, the world will never be the same.
Join us. We can only do this together."
Evelyn amara
Founder, CEO

Become an EarthEx Business Partner today