Our Members

Our members are ready for change. They are looking for waste-free ecological shopping and seek to make meaningful moves towards sustainable living. 

EarthEx members are ready to live lightly and responsibly, doing their part to reduce personal and household waste and their carbon footprint, while supporting businesses that value the same.

EarthEx will save you time and energy, plugging you into a network of regional, ecological vendors as well as connecting you with fellow EarthEx members so you can trade, exchange, shop, and sell simply and sustainably.

the zero-waste, zero-emissions packaging, shipping and delivery network

Member Benefits

EarthEx Network

The EarthEx network is a community of people and their businesses passionate about and committed to taking environmental action today. 

Our network members proactively reduce waste from their operations and lives, while investing in lasting, ecologically harmonious solutions for the globe.

Access to Services

For a low monthly and pre-paid container-deposit rate, members have access to our collection of reusable, plastic-free containers along with access to in-network zero-emissions regional delivery services.

Ecological Impact

Our containers offer an array of ecological packaging, shipping, and delivery options to meet your selling, shopping, and regional shipping needs.

EarthEx membership provides personalized business and individual accounts to manage container rentals and circulation.

Scan container QR code at check-out

Scan QR code on the container to check-out at participating retailers or when exchanging a container with another EarthEx member.


EarthEx collects all containers for sanitization at our washing and sanitizing facilities.

How it works

EarthEx App

Download the EarthEx App to register and activate your EarthEx account

Return, Reuse, or Schedule Pick-Up

Return your EarthEx containers at participating retailers, an EarthEx drop-off location, or schedule an on-site pick-up. Users can also reuse containers for exchange with other EarthEx members.


EarthEx re-circulates in-network containers to our network partners for reuse and distribution. Containers are also available for pick-up from our network shop.

Our reusable ecological packaging products and operations are at the cutting edge of enduring environmental sustainability

Pledge now.
Exchange later.

Pledge your EarthEx membership today to be on the leading edge of sustainability. When you join the waitlist, you show demonstrated interest in the service so we can work on bringing the service to you. Pre-order your EarthEx membership for a one-time contribution of $10.

You may also place a donation and contact us for upcoming investment opportunities.